Having a pet is a lifestyle or hobby that is currently practiced by several people in the community. Among the existing pets, dogs are one type of animal that is widely kept because of its uniqueness. Every pet owner certainly wants the dog’s health condition and the process of growth and development to be carried out normally and smoothly.

One of the efforts that must be made to get a healthy pet condition is to take care of it properly. Choosing the right food is something that must be prioritized so that health problems do not arise, especially in kittens. Here are some reviews and descriptions of explanations regarding the selection of food for any puppy that is safe and does not cause bad side effects in dogs.

Complete and balanced nutritional content

Just like human and other animal children who are currently in the process of physical and psychological growth and development, puppies certainly need a variety of complete nutrients so that their growth and development are maintained until adulthood without experiencing various kinds of health problems. In the food for puppies, it must contain several important nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, energy, balanced water.

Proper feeding

Puppies can get additional food at least to support the milk given by the mother so that the development process is always in good condition, but the amount of nutrition needs to be considered so that it is not excessive because excess of certain nutrients can adversely affect the condition of the puppy. Proper and good feeding will be seen from the normal growth conditions of a dog with well-developed hair and bone parts and is not prone to any disease.

Selection of food types

Commercial food can be given to puppies in two forms, namely wet food and dry food. The two foods differ only in terms of the amount of water and their resistance. Both types of food can be given to puppies, but in providing wet food try not more than two hours after opening the packaging because there is a risk of causing bacteria to enter.

Frequency of feeding

Another condition that needs to be considered in the process of feeding puppies is the frequency of feeding. For puppies under 6 months of age, solid food, both dry and wet, can be given 3-4 times, while for puppies over 6 months of age, the frequency should be given no more than 2 times a day.

Availability of clean water

In addition to food, in the process of giving food to puppies, it is also necessary to pay attention to the availability of clean water. The availability of clean water is necessary so that puppies do not experience bacterial contamination in dirty water.

The human diet has a very high amount of nutrients that should be avoided or otherwise reduced in quantity as excess nutrition can lead to poor conditions in puppies.

Those are some things that need to be considered in the process of feeding puppies that dog owners need to pay attention to so that the available food can have a positive effect and not have a negative impact on puppies.