They typically groom dogs and cats, which may embody cutting, trimming, shampooing, and styling fur; clipping nails; and cleaning ears. Groomers also schedule appointments, sell merchandise to pet homeowners, and determine problems which will require veterinary attention. Your pet is part of the household, and should be treated as such. That’s why we by no means use cages, kennel dryers or harsh chemical substances during the grooming process. We use merchandise that are environmentally friendly and produce a extremely organized, skilled approach to animal grooming.

Brushing and brushing ought to occur day by day or a minimum of a number of instances every week, no matter what type of coat your animal has. If you propose to provide your pet a bath, do the brushing part first. Brushing and brushing will feel good to your pet; it removes lifeless hair and tangles, and distributes natural skin oils. If the coat is thick, ensure you are combing all the way to the skin. Be light and patient, although; too much pressure on the pores and skin could cause irritation known as brush burn, and pulling the tangles will hurt should you attempt to hurry.

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Brush your dog’s tooth utilizing a delicate-bristled brush and toothpaste meant for canine. You might need to use your finger wrapped in gauze or a small finger brush if he puts up too much of a fight. A brushing each few days ought to maintain his mouth away from tartar and bacteria buildup, although a daily brushing is even higher. Grooming is a crucial part of a canine’s health care. Nails that are too lengthy can shift a canine’s posture and create structural problems down the road and enamel that have by no means seen a brush could be misplaced.


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If taught with endurance and kindness, most animals take pleasure in a mouth massage. Plus, you’ll be extra aware of when your pet needs dental work by knowledgeable, before your pet is in ache. Remember to use animal toothpaste acceptable for each type of pet.

Not to mentioned that a matted, unruly coat is simply not attractive and if a dog’s coat turns into too tangled a shaving may be the answer. Preferred by pets and their people, Atlanta Pet Care Center is the top choice of Stone Mountain’s canines, cats and their owners. To schedule your appointment, please give us a call at 404.299.5551 or fill out our on-line Request an Appointment form. We serve the communities of Clarkston, Decatur, Lilburn, Stone Mountain, Tucker and surrounding areas. You can gently therapeutic massage the gums and brush the teeth on any pet – from the smallest rodents to the largest horses.