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The Open Class should have a minimal course area of 6,500 sq. feet. The 8-inch and 12-inch top divisions shall be required to cover the course at 2.25 yards per second. At this level, a dog will encounter from 15 to 17 obstacles.

Dogs at this stage of training require physical ‘spotting’ just like gymnastics coaching whereas they develop the mandatory ability and confidence on the obstacles. In the Novice Class, the minimum course space is 5,000 sq. feet. This class may have 12 or thirteen obstacles to be performed, and course instances are decided based on overlaying two yards per second. The obstacles you’ll encounter are the A-frame, canine stroll, pause table, open tunnels, a teeter-totter, closed tunnel, broad bounce, panel jump, double bar leap, tire bounce, and bar jumps. The Novice Class will not use the weave poles or the triple bar jump.

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The net result of this was maximum enjoyable and sense of accomplishment for everyone. Nothing appear to faze her – not even Maxx’s antics , whom I nominated because the “class clown”. His anticipation and pleasure stage would all the time start constructing the moment we rolled into the parking zone and enhance to a crescendo by the time we entered the agility space. The main concern we had in school, because of his uber high pleasure degree, was getting Maxx to be patient while he was ready his flip. Ironically, Dianne demonstrated lots of patience herself with thisJ We lined all 9 equipment and he or she would continuously combine the course up to keep things interesting.

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These obstacles are the A-frame, canine walk, pause desk, open tunnels, a teeter-totter, closed tunnel, broad leap, panel jump, double bar leap, and the tire leap. In addition, the weave poles are actually a required obstacle, and the triple-bar jump may be used. Other bar jumps could also be used to compete the minimal impediment requirement. In the Excellent Class, the minimal course area is eight,000 sq. ft. It can be some of the enjoyable activities for you and your dog. Diane adroitly handled the totally different personalities of every canine and handler in school, offering tailored directions to each.