Tips for providing food for puppies that need attention

Having a pet is a lifestyle or hobby that is currently practiced by several people in the community. Among the existing pets, dogs are one type of animal that is widely kept because of its uniqueness. Every pet owner certainly wants the dog’s health condition and the process of growth and development to be carried out normally and smoothly.

One of the efforts that must be made to get a healthy pet condition is to take care of it properly. Choosing the right food is something that must be prioritized so that health problems do not arise, especially in kittens. Here are some reviews and descriptions of explanations regarding the selection of food for any puppy that is safe and does not cause bad side effects in dogs.

Complete and balanced nutritional content

Just like human and other animal children who are currently in the process of physical and psychological growth and development, puppies certainly need a variety of complete nutrients so that their growth and development are maintained until adulthood without experiencing various kinds of health problems. In the food for puppies, it must contain several important nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, energy, balanced water.

Proper feeding

Puppies can get additional food at least to support the milk given by the mother so that the development process is always in good condition, but the amount of nutrition needs to be considered so that it is not excessive because excess of certain nutrients can adversely affect the … Read More

11 Ways to Protect the Natural Environment

Clean environment is an environment that is free from air pollution, water pollution and a cool, fresh atmosphere. Maintaining the natural environment is a very high priority for comfort and avoiding various diseases. Some diseases are caused by dirty environment such as malaria, diarrhea and many more. Some of these methods are done individually and in mutual cooperation. see how.

  1. Dispose of trash in its place

    Disposing of garbage improperly makes the environment dirty and there are various diseases. Therefore, maintaining cleanliness is very important, namely by disposing of garbage in its place, not dumping it in rivers and gutters that make water flow not smooth.
  2. Avoid Illegal Logging

    As much as possible avoid illegal logging indiscriminately and can result in deforestation, because with deforestation it can cause landslides and so on. The way to overcome this is by selecting selective cutting and always replanting the forest (reforestation) to replace the logged forest. With reforestation, forests will be preserved and a beautiful environment will be maintained.
  3. Clean the environment every day

    Cleaning the environment is indeed very important, because with a clean environment the positive impact is to avoid various diseases. The environment includes many aspects, including the natural environment, the school environment and the home environment. All of them are equally important to look after. Therefore it takes cooperation and community work to clean up the environment optimally
  4. Do not damage plants around

    Damaging is different from rearranging. At this point it is prohibited to damage the surrounding plants,
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7 Things You Should Prepare Before Getting A Puppy

Finding the perfect product for your pup can be tricky at times – and there are many options available. When you visit a pet shop, you will find a variety of animal needs, such as: food, plush bedding, premium toys of all shapes and sizes, you can even find fashionable animal accessories from ordinary ones to designer designs, you know! But either way, for starters, here are things your dog needs to feel comfortable living in your home.


Having a crate is a must for any dog owner to keep your new friend in a confined area where you can monitor and supervise him. You will need a cage / carrier / fence when you let it live in your house. Why? Because having a puppy is also like having a baby that you have to pay close attention to.

Travel carriers are usually made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, plastic, and fiberglass. Although a stainless steel crate will last a lifetime, a lightweight plastic and fiberglass cage will provide more security for your puppy when you take him out while driving or flying. Usually a travel carrier is a nice and warm place for puppies, especially if you complement it with a soft bed or blanket.

When choosing a crate or carrier, make sure your puppy can stand, lie down, and lie down in it. Although dogs usually prefer enclosed spaces, they also need space, although not too much space, to feel more comfortable. You … Read More

Veterinary Medical Board

For these occasions when they are wholesome but need only a fast update, we offer our Vaccine Clinic two occasions a week. The AVMA has recognized visitor experts to provide veterinary recommendation to pet house owners. They will not give diagnoses or make treatment suggestions, but as a substitute present “thought starters” to stimulate conversation and educate pet owners. The AVMA “Experts in Residence” will present accurate and credible info.

veterinary medical

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Important Benefits of Caring Animals for Children

Children usually also like pets. Caring animals is not only used as a playmate for children. There are various benefits that can be directly felt by children. The benefits of raising animals and the presence of animals in the house, among others, is to help grow children’s cognitive, emotional, physical and social development. The following are the benefits of raising animals for children:

Caring Animals

Build Empathy and Compassion

Pets basically depend on humans to care for them, from eating, defecating, and playing. With pets depending on the people who care for them, this can often trigger feelings of empathy and compassion in children. Therefore, parents can use pets as a way to teach their children the importance of respecting other creatures.

Reducing Stress

Not only parents, children can also experience stress due to boring routines, pressure from parents, academic challenges and other problems. Interacting with pets can actually increase the release of dopamine and oxytocin, which are anti-stress hormones, and decrease cortisol or the stress hormone. When children play or caress pets, this can trigger physiological changes in them.

Reducing the Risk of Allergies in Children

Having pets at home is also beneficial for building a child’s immune system due to early exposure to certain germs. Then, children who live with cats and dogs at home are generally more resistant to animal dander allergies than children who do not have pets in their homes.

Teaches Confidence and Responsibility

Children can be more confident by having the responsibility to care for pets. … Read More

Pet Obesity & Weight Loss

You can also attempt feeding your pet from a special dish and even in different areas in your house. We suggest using dietary supplements that have the emblem of the United States Pharmacopeia Dietary Supplement Verification Program. This group checks human dietary dietary supplements for components, concentrations, dissolvability, and contaminants.

But some canine and cats can be extremely expert at avoiding their medicines. With follow, patience, and creativity, you too can turn out to be a pro at pilling your pet. To entice a pet that is tired of eating, try giving smaller meals extra incessantly. Dogs are less predictable but will normally prefer one temperature. Try seeing in case your canine prefers their meals warmed, room temperature, cold, and even briefly put in the freezer.

In sure types of heart illness (food plan-related dilated cardiomyopathy, for example), diet can even help reverse heart disease. CPN Business & Legal Guides – Every nutritionist, for pets or people, needs to learn the “scope” of what they apply and that there are limitations to each occupation that must be adhered to.

A Passion And Dedication To Pets Is What Connects Our Eighty Five,000+ Pet

ConsumerLab is another independent group that checks dietary supplements – primarily human dietary supplements however some pet products as properly. In these conditions, it is going to be essential to deal with each heart disease and your pet’s different issues. It can be useful to work with a board-licensed veterinary nutritionist in these situations. Large quantities of treats … Read More